Remedial Massage

Imagine if your dream became a reality!.. Oh my goodness! You walk into a place where somebody actually cares about you and you feel important… Oh wow!

Your aching muscles are in heaven, your stress levels immediately drop and the biggest sigh of relief you have ever done emerges out of the depths of your stomach.

Laying on the table you feel the instant relaxation run through your system and sense the trust and the confidence in your therapist to work her wisdom and ‘magic’ to improve the current state of your mindbody.

Hot Stone Massage

Did you say Hot Stones? Yes Sirree! I’m up for that!

I love the how the heat from the volcanic basalt stones relaxes my muscles and stiff joints, not to mention the effect it has on my nervous system and how it relieves my stress (did I just mention that?…oops!). It’s so amazing!

The warmth of the hot stones is just sooo calming, I just love it. When is my next session?

Pregnancy Care

Your little baby thanks you very much for taking such good (and early) care of him, or her, as well as yourself. It is an excellent first lesson for the little one!

During pregnancy your body changes and it is common for discomfort to rear it’s annoying head. So with regular visits, these discomforts are minimised and little bubs gets to develop and grow in a more peaceful and harmonious environment.

Lymphatic Drainage

Do you want to feel clean, refreshed and renewed?

Well, it’s like emerging from a swim in a crystal clear rock pool under a waterfall… when you come out and your skin prickles up from the air and the sun shines down to give you warmth. It’s that feeling… you tingle all over.

The very light touch, like that of a feather, is used to encourage lymph flow through the body to help reduce swelling, fluid retention and enhance detoxification.