Certified Eating Psychology Coach
Certified Masters of Life Coaching
Certified NLP Practitioner

A Fresh Start with Holistic Health Coaching

Hi there! I’m Sharon, your go-to for transforming how you feel from the inside out!

Tired of one-size-fits-all health advice that doesn’t quite fit? That’s where I come in with a special focus on Mind Body Eating, all part of my holistic health coaching approach. Let’s get to the root of your health habits and tailor a plan that sings to your body and mind!

Dive Deep with Mind Body Eating

Let’s face it, eating is about more than just filling up. It’s a complex interplay of choices, habits, and emotions.

My role? To guide you through understanding of not only what you eat but how and why you eat. We’ll explore everything from your food choices to the timing and emotions behind your meals, ensuring that your eating habits support not just your physical health, but your mental and emotional wellbeing too.

Why Mind Body Eating?

It’s all about connection. By integrating the principles of Mind Body Eating into our sessions, we focus on:

  • Tuning into your body’s cues so you eat when you’re truly hungry and stop when you’re satisfied.
  • Understanding and managing emotional eating.
  • Respecting your body’s needs, which leads to better digestion, metabolism, and overall health.
  • Reducing the stress that often comes with rigid diets and unrealistic food rules.

Personalized Holistic Health Coaching

Every person is unique, and so your coaching should be too. Here’s what you can expect when you work with me:

  • Personalized guidance that considers your entire lifestyle, not just your diet.
  • Strategies to handle stress without sabotaging your health goals.
  • Support in developing a positive relationship with food and your body.
  • Tools to implement sustainable changes that make you feel alive and energized.

Why Choose Holistic Health Coaching with Me?

Choosing this path means you’re looking for something deeper than quick fixes and temporary diets. It means you’re looking for:

  • A certified, compassionate coach who listens and adapts to your needs.
  • A judgment-free space where you can explore your health holistically.
  • A partnership that values the integration of your emotional, physical, and mental health.

Ready to Transform Your Relationship with Food and Body?

So, if you’re ready to ditch the dieting cycle and embrace a fuller, more connected way of living and eating, then I’m here to help. Let’s have a chat about how we can work together to create a joyful, sustainable approach to eating and health.

Does this sound like the kind of support you’ve been searching for? If yes, I’m just a message away. Let’s start this journey together and unlock a healthier, happier you.