The Australian Galah by nature is a fun-loving cheeky bird, intelligent and playful. In Australian slang a Galah also means ‘idiot’ or ‘fool’, which is due to their playful behaviour.

Let’s face it, we all need a little bit of help sometimes and maybe, just maybe, this is the space in your life where you need some guidance.

Navigating life can be pretty tough at the best of times let alone trying to fit everything in! Are you feeling a little befuddled when it comes to taking care or yourself? Good news for you! This is where I come in.

I can help you make changes to your current ways and beliefs that do not serve you so that you can move ahead with gusto and joy and clarity.

I love serving people that are aligned with my values of passion, growth, authenticity, health & exercise and laughter.

So, are you feeling a little bit ‘lost’ but are willing to make the change, do the work and reap the rewards? Let’s have a conversation.

But, before we have that conversation, take some time to gather your thoughts and ideas about what it is you want to tackle. Write some notes, come prepared and get ready to chat!

I cannot wait to connect with you!

Certified Eating Psychology Coach
Certified Masters of Life Coaching
Certified NLP Practitioner