I’m Sharon Connor

A Remedial Massage Therapist; Pilates, Garuda & Barre Teacher; a Reiki Practitioner; a Health Coach and an NLP Master Practitioner.

Most days you can find me wearing active gear with my dog by my side, we do everything together! I don’t wear makeup but I do look after my skin. I don’t go to a gym but I do keep fit and strong. I don’t eat animals but I do eat a healthy plant-based diet.

I am mostly known for my wit, my fabulous cooking and my love of animals. People often refer to me as patient, energetic, inspiring and caring.

I help people feel fabulous and amazing through energy, movement, strength and flexibility. My passion is posture and movement which has come from 20 years of classical ballet training.

My favourite food is pumpkin – I grow it, I cook it, I eat it, I smash it, I drink it, I love it! I enjoy spending time in the kitchen baking healthy wholesome snacks and cooking with the food grown from my garden. I don’t mind the occasional glass of red wine either!

I have 2 amazing children and 2 wonderful granddaughters. The things I am most passionate about in life are: animals, gardening,  Pilates, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) and outdoor adventures. I also enjoy jigsaw puzzles, reading, baking, craftwork and binge watching series. I’m quite handy on the tools as well because I like to get things done!

I wasn’t always in the health and wellness sector.

In fact, I came from a corporate background of 20 years starting in Training & Development, to Executive Assistant, Logistics Data Analyst and finally as the Manager of an Administration Department. The corporate life of 9-5 only gave me financial security (which was great since I was a single mum), but there was no freedom to choose my lifestyle. So, it was time to move on and create the lifestyle that suits me and my calling.

Now I do what I love.

I put the 20 years of classical ballet training into practise by teaching Pilates, Garuda and Barre. I put the many continuing years of tuition, education and learnings about the body into practise through remedial massage, complementary and energetic therapies. I continue to learn and understand how to better help people through coaching them to reach their goals and improve their health.

What makes me feel joy.

Knowing that I have helped someone in some way – making them feeling better when they leave compared to when they walked in my door.

I am lucky I am able to teach, train, coach and inspire people who need help with the health, mobility, balance and strength. I love working with people who are willing to help themselves and do the homework to get their desired results.

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