‘Sharon’s program was the kickstart I needed to get my health back on track. I did not realise until I participated in the daily journaling how much I was neglecting my health – my exercise, nutrition and self-care. I had not meditated for years, and since the challenge I have now started meditating every day! I also journal every day and keep track of my movement (have even dropped 9kg!). Thank you for the re-set that IO needed :)’ – Kelly

‘I really enjoyed this 7 day program , the journaling was really thought provoking and I have built up my usual meditation ritual to sit for longer periods each day’ – Meredith

‘Sharon’s 7 Day Wellness Challenge was great to do. It provided a much-needed ‘reset’ for me, and prompted me to think more about what and how much I was eating and drinking, as well as how much time I was prepared to devote to my own health and wellbeing. It contained a variety of activities, with Sharon’s workouts being a great alternative to going for a walk or bike ride. Because of the Challenge I am drinking more water, thinking more about what I eat and how much alcohol I drink, I’ve increased my meditation time each day, I’m sleeping better, and I have carried on with the journaling aspect of the Challenge which is helping me feel calm and balanced. I would definitely recommend Sharon’s Wellness Challenge if you want some tips and ideas for simple changes you can make that will have a big impact on your feeling of wellness.’ – Melanie

Self Transformation Program

I will show you how to create self awareness to transform your body and mind so you feel strong, confident and resilient.

You’ll discover how to master mindbody nutrition, movement & mindset to create your powerful change!

Over 8 weeks you will:

  • learn how to improve your eating habits
  • get a personalised home rehab program to address your movement concerns
  • get a weekly personal coaching session to continually empower you on your journey
  • get a weekly accountability call
  • have access to a special FB group to be part of the transformation community
  • and more…

Does this sound like something for you?

  • Are you feeling run down, worn out or plain burnt out?
  • Have you been running around for everybody for years and years and let your own health and well-being suffer?
  • Are you always finding excuses not to look after yourself?
  • Do you think it’s time to change these toxic beliefs?

If you have said ‘yes’ to any of these, then it is TIME for YOU to take ACTION! Click here to find out more… Self Transformation Program.

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