Drinking Water After A Massage

Pedrinkingwaterople say to me, ‘I’ve heard that you should drink water after a massage. Is that right?’

Well here is the reasoning behind this… when you have a massage your muscles are being kneaded and your knots are being broken down, releasing toxins.

Massaging increases the blood flow throughout the body due to the friction of the therapist’s hand movements on the skin, which increases the body’s temperature.

As muscles and knots soften, they release toxins and other by-products which get deposited into your circulatory systems – blood stream and lymphatic system. From here, they get ready for elimination from the body via the urinary tract or the skin.

Drinking water after a massage aims to assist in flushing out these toxins at a faster rate, sort of like helping it along a bit. So yes, I would recommend that you do drink water after a massage, even after exercise too!

Drinking smaller but more regular amounts, is preferred, to assist in this cleansing process rather than consuming a large quantity and saturating your system.

If you are not a huge fan of plain water, there is no harm in using clean substitutes such as Green Tea or Water with some fresh Lemon (hot or cold). Avoid liquids with caffeine and sugar as you would be putting toxins back into your body.

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