The Australian Galah by nature is a fun-loving cheeky bird, intelligent and playful. In Australian slang a Galah also means ‘idiot’ or ‘fool’ (in a good way) – this is due to their playful behaviour – I am sure we have all been a Galah at some stage! You might have heard the phrase “flamin’ galah’?

Transformational Health Coaching

Specialising in Eating, Health & Wellness

Simply put a Transformational Health Coach helps you discover, commit and focus on your Eating, Health and Wellness goals. Everyone is different so we work together to empower you and your dreams.

One of my favourite sayings when it comes to transformation is ‘Awareness Precedes Change’. This means that you must be willing to confront and accept your current behaviours and patterns so that you can effect the change that you desire.

Goal – Alignment – Love – Accountability – Happiness

Each session will include defining your objectives, overcoming your challenges, finding a resolution and putting together an action plan that will drive and motivate you to succeed.

I will also keep you accountable on every action and goal you want. Sometimes having someone to motivate us and hold us accountable for our goals is exactly what is needed.

One-on-one coaching sessions available.

Certified Eating Psychology Coach
Certified Masters of Life Coaching
Certified NLP Practitioner