Is your Chronic Pain making you miserable or constantly feeling irritated by its persistence or sheer existence?

Well, the good new is that it doesn’t have to be this way!

There are 3 steps to overcoming chronic pain to enjoy your life everyday…



and prepare your positive mindset



by committing to your health



and feel the empowering changes

Hi, I’m Sharon. I am passionate about staying fit and healthy and encouraging others along the same path.

I enjoy educating and empowering people to look after themselves inside and out and help them bring balance into their life through massage, movement, meditation and good healthy eating habits.

I run a boutique rehab & wellness studio where everyone gets to develop and improve themselves for themselves – no expectations, no pressure – it’s all about take ownership, accountability and responsibility for yourself.

As a Pilates & Garuda Teacher, a Remedial Massage Therapist, a Health/Life Coach and a Reiki Practitioner I will guide and support you on your journey and together we will conquer any challenges or obstacles.

People talk about being the best version of yourself you can be… well, let’s get started!

I will teach and guide you through every step of your unique program so that you can see how to overcome your chronic pain. I will also give you ‘at home’ exercises to do so that you are always working towards your goal.

  • Awareness & Breath

    so that you consciously making right choices through focus and commitment to yourself

  • See Your Full Potential

    so that you can give your body, mind and soul pleasure and enjoyment of life

  • Enjoy The Transformation

    which means you can keep learning, discovering and experiencing new possibilities

Have a read of some great things our clients have said!!

Since starting Pilates and Barre class, my joint and muscle pain and aches have disappeared and I can see and feel the changes in my body and its improved my strength and fitness levels. This studio a great environment with friendly people where I have felt comfortable to learn and have fun with fitness. Sharon is such a knowledgeable, patient instructor and I love her personal attention to detail (in every class) to always help me complete the exercises correctly and push myself further. To top it off, hands down the best massages I have ever had! – Kristy

I’ve been going to Sharon for Pilates and Pilates XT for over two years now and its completely changed my outlook on fitness. Through Sharon’s classes I’ve become more aware of how my body works, what it needs day to day and how to work towards my fitness goals. Sharon is patient and works with your fitness level but still challenges you to push yourself. I couldn’t imagine not going to Pilates! – Ashna

I’ve been visiting Sharon for regular Pilates and Pilates Cross Training Classes for over two years now. Her skills and knowledge in the areas of health, fitness and human movement are truly invaluable. Her classes are intimate, allowing her to give adequate attention and close consultation and guidance to her clients. Despite moving further away from the Nu Energy Body Therapy studio location this year, I’ve found myself still making the effort to attend Sharon’s classes on a weekly basis because I know that I’d struggle to find another studio that offers the same level of service. Since making Pilates a regular part of my weekly exercise routine, I’ve felt changes in my core strength and noticed firmer muscle development throughout my body. Sharon also continues to challenge me when she knows I’m becoming too comfortable and encourages me to work harder on particular areas of my body. She’s also created a welcoming and comfortable studio for her clients and gets to know how everyone’s bodies work so that she can cater her classes and exercises to relevant skill levels and individual body requirements. – Hayley

I started with Pilates at Nu Energy Body Therapy in a bid to gain core strength and fitness after surgery. With Sharon’s assistance I have been able to achieve so much more. I now attend one Pilates class and one Fitness class each week. Every session is different and varied but I am guaranteed a total body work out every time. Whether in a group of five or simply by myself, Sharon adapts each workout to suit the individual so that no one feels intimidated or left behind whilst also ensuring technique is correct. And her attitude is always positive and fun. My strength and fitness have improved so much thanks to Sharon’s patience and persistence. I know my overall health and wellbeing are the better for attending her classes. – Christine

I’ve been seeing Sharon regularly for many years now for my monthly massages. I always look forward to my massages as I know I will come out feeling so much better. Do yourself a favour and go and see Sharon for a massage! Recently I have started Pilates classes to help improve core strength and stretch other problem areas in my body. Sharon tailors the classes to meet everyone’s needs and as a result I have seen a huge improvement in my movement and posture. I thoroughly recommend Sharon’s services to anyone! – Tara

I’ve been attending Sharon’s classes for over four years now. They are always enjoyable and seem to stimulate and strengthen the body. She manages to push your boundaries more than you think you can. I enjoy the Pilates classes more than others I have done in the past as they are more on a personal level and your fitness is gauged according to what you can achieve for your fitness level. I always feel more energetic after doing a class. Sharon’s massages are always something to look forward to, firm and invigorating. Only wish I had more time to take advantage of Sharon’s classes. – Tanya

Overcome Chronic Pain and Enjoy Your Life Every Day

In your FREE 30-60 minute Discovery Call we can deep dive into what exactly is your chronic pain and the best way to approach it.

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