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A Helpful Tip for Hip Pain

Sports people are prone to suffering from pain in the hips and knees due to the forces they endure. This can be due to many factors, one being referred pain from trigger points in the thigh muscles, which can be eased with self-myofascial release. Foam Rolling Your IT Band By rolling sideways along a foam […]

Knots – What Are They?

I have a lot of people asking me about knots. What are they? How do I get them? Will they go away? Knots are basically a build of tissue that gets deposited at certain sites around the body. Common areas are neck and shoulders, glutes and calves. Knots can be due to muscles working overtime, […]

Drinking Water After A Massage

People say to me, ‘I’ve heard that you should drink water after a massage. Is that right?’ Well here is the reasoning behind this… when you have a massage your muscles are being kneaded and your knots are being broken down, releasing toxins. Massaging increases the blood flow throughout the body due to the friction […]

Therapeutic Massage v Remedial Massage

It is quite common, especially for first timers, to clients not to know the difference between the different types of massages. So we will start off with these two as they are the most common. Therapeutic Massage A therapeutic massage is a gentle soft tissue massage with little to no discomfort involved. It is a […]